I was on the Steppin’ Off the Edge podcast the other day and mentioned I don’t have a Wikiquotes page. Well, now I do. If I’ve ever said something you enjoyed or inspired you, drop it on that page.

5 thoughts on “Now On Wikiquotes

  1. Hey! I went to look for the great quote I saw from you in your FSF profile: “Fundamental issues of freedom in software are fundamental issues in our lives…” But it’s no longer in your FSF profile.

    I think it was actually there, because it’s mentioned here: http://www.facebook.com/matt.mullenweg/posts/441257821650

    In fact it’s in someone else’s profile: http://www.fsf.org/working-together/profiles/christopher-blizzard

    I’m confused. Did you really say that? If so, I was going to make sure it’s on the Wikiquotes page.

    1. I went back over the emails with FSF and it looks like I never said that in the interview, so it must have been a mistake where they attributed something Christopher Blizzard said to me, which I guess I didn’t notice because it sounds like something I’ve said before. 🙂