8 thoughts on “Long and Short of Beards

  1. I tried to go full beard after Tybee. It looked good, but after about a month I got sick of it. I suppose I’m doomed to living the life of the scruffy half-beard instead.

  2. You were chatting about snow?

    Oh no, it’s happening, you’re both turning into Santa Claus!

    This always happens to beard dudes – Santa Claus, Karl Marx or, in the most serious cases, Jesus.

  3. I usually make it to about 3 mm long before it freaks me out and I need to shave it off again … which happened to me this morning ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. I hate it when I do this, but that should be…”Ev and me…” After a preposition (in this case “of”) always use an objective pronoun (in this case “me”). Again, sorry, but I can’t help myself.