Bloomberg TV Interview

At SxSW last month I was interviewed by Cris Valerio from Bloomberg TV. The interview aired recently and you check it out below:

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Just started using WordPress last week for my website and I find it easy to use and update. However, I’m really stuck on what the BEST plugins and things that are out there. There is just so much information out there that it is hard to find a good one. Whats the best one to sell CD’s, T-Shirts and tickets to concerts? Great interview!

Excellent interview, gave me a lot more insight to what’s behind WP, and really confirmed many of the thoughts I’ve had.

I really like how you explain WordPress is a publishing tool, allowing the author to be an author. I look forward to more!

Hi Matt, I just watched the above video on Really interesting interview.
However I noticed one thing. You mentioned that you ‘re trying to avoid photo galleries where a new page is loaded for every single image. Well that’s exactly how your photo gallery here on works. Just saying..