4 thoughts on “Leading by Omission

  1. Brilliant. Yes, undo! Ze used the word “democracy” but ze defines it too poorly and with cushy fluffiness. Now we’re just ending it all and living together as wonderfully and fun as we’d like. Yay!!!!

  2. Ricardo Semler, Brazilian … đŸ™‚

    A long time ago I read one of his books: “Virando a prĂ³pria mesa”

    I do not know the English title.

    The book is 1988, very good.

    I see that your success continues today.

  3. I love these kinds of talks. I think this genre can be summarized as: “instead of thinking that everything you already know and do is probably right, try to assume that everything you know and do is probably wrong”.

  4. Real life example happening now:

    Hydrogen hopes fuel Regan, N.D. ‘garage scientist’


    “I spent 25 years working in the auto industry,” Blackmore said. “Frankly, if it were possible, they would be doing it.”

    Manyette does not accept that what he claims he is doing does not wash with science. He says his electrolysis unit is powered by the truck’s alternator and that the hydrogen extracted from the water powers the truck’s engine to run the alternator. Doubters like Blackmore are just taking their cues from companies with an interest in the status quo.

    “That’s the power companies. That’s the car companies. That’s the oil companies,” he said. “I’m breaking the laws of thermodynamics right here.”