ZURB Talk in Campbell, CA

Tomorrow I’m going to be speaking at ZURBsoapbox in Campbell, California at noon. If you’re in the Bay Area please come out and say howdy.

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Matt, thanks for the great insight you provided at the meetup! I’m glad the ZURB team was persistent in getting you to be a speaker!

Btw, we exchanged cards, but I think I accidentally gave you somebody else’s card (a guy named Hunter). Take a look at our customized version of WordPress on IntoMobile – bigger changes coming in two weeks.

Great talk yesterday, Matt. I appreciate the chance to meet you. I think it is something my 12 year old son will remember when he is my age.

Here is a link to the article I wrote (sorry about the picture – an old G2 phone).

and here is the link to the Japan Fundraiser Relief site, made possible by WordPress

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