ExpanDrive, a program I’ve used for years, allows you to mount FTP, SFTP, or S3 accounts as local drives on your computer on Mac or Windows. They just released their new Windows version, and it’s fast and slick. They support key authentication, which is my must-have feature.

3 thoughts on “ExpanDrive 2

  1. Hey Matt, I wanted to know if you still use Nginx, Varnish, Pound and a CDN (probably Edgecast now) to speed up WordPress.com? (seen on: http://photomatt.net/2007/10/09/s3-news/)

    Or something new? Care to share?

    I would like to speed up my self-hosted wordpress blog, and I hope you share at least some of WordPress.com’s secrets.

  2. I’ve used ExpanDrive, but lately Transmit 4 is what I use. It’s the best FTP client I’ve ever seen and has the same mounting feature as ExpanDrive. Although, no Windows version. Great app though. Either way, this functionality comes in handy all the time.

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