Flying to Camp in Alaska

First day in Alaska, flying toward start point on the Canning River in the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve.

7 thoughts on “Flying to Camp in Alaska

  1. Great video and pictures. Enjoy your adventure. That is a cool plane. I like the chunky(?) design. Also, interesting how the sync between your camera shutter and the propellor movement created the optical illusion. If you could speed up your camera it would make the propellor appear to be motionless, as if you were flying without the engine.

  2. Matt, amazing scenery here, looks like you need some great outdoors to cool off from extensive work done on 3.2.1, by far the best version we have seen. Whilst getting acquainted with bears and wolves, post your pics! We enjoy hearing, seeing more!
    Your faithful wp fan,
    H (back home melting away)
    P.S.:comparing scenery similar to Tibet – aheneghana[dot]photoshelter[dot]com

  3. I loved the view while the plane was taking off. That must have been one of the adventurous experience.

  4. Matt: It looks like you had a great trip to Alaska. I’ve lived here for almost 15 years and have loved every moment of it. Lots of land to explore. We’re starting to put together a WordPress meetup group in Anchorage and hope to have a WordCamp up here next summer.