Six years ago on this blog we scheduled a WordPress meetup in Seattle which ended up including a number of folks who are still changing the web today, including Bre Pettis, Robert Scoble, Chris Pirillo, Matt May, Filipe Fortes, Andy Skelton, Scott Berkun, and Lee Lefever. We’re going to do an informal 2.0 tonight at 6 PM, Friday June 3 at Pike Pub & Brewery on 1st Avenue in downtown Seattle. Come by and share a beer, reminiscence about trackbacks, and talk about the future of the open web. It’s short notice, so please spread the word to your Seattle-area friends.

13 thoughts on “Seattle WP Meetup Friday

  1. Dang, I’m already going to a Mariners game otherwise I’d be happy to come by and buy you several pitchers of beer as a thank you for WordPress allowing me to build my own business and kiss corporate life good bye.

    lol, I guess I’ll see you in 2017

  2. Matt –
    I wish I could be there! Please keep the Seattle WP community on your radar. We’re growing fast!

    I’ll put the 2017 meetup on my calendar.

  3. Arggh, Would have loved to have an opportunity to finally meet you and say thanks for all you have provided us. Sadly, with traffic it would be hrs before I could arrive.

    Here is to hoping that you visit Seattle again sometime soon.

  4. You should come up to Vancouver some time. I know Canada is far far away, but compared to Seattle we have (marginally) better weather.

  5. I was there. It was fun. Matt bought the beers. And I drank some for everyone who couldn’t make it.

    I think some people talked about wordpress but I can’t really remember :).