Dale Harvey on working remotely, some great tips for getting started and how to rock it. As always, Automattic is hiring great people regardless of location.

8 thoughts on “On Working Remotely

  1. This article on Working Remotely is very well written. Remote working is not for everyone, but once you understand the practicality, the pros and cons, you begin to realize just how practical it is in today’s economy.

  2. Worked like a charm with my T-Mobile UMA when I was overseas (WIFI Calling). I was able to answer calls out of my dad’s beach house in Morocco and people were stunned that I was overseas. Would love to do this more often. Being in Real Estate, I have to be reachable constantly by phone or email. By email is an easy solution since I can just sign up with a local provider for a phone. However, How can you be reached by phone if you are not next to an internet connection and do wifi calling or skype?

  3. I think a more apt term than “Happiness Engineer” would be Happiness Doctor or Happiness Fairy. This is because engineering happiness sounds robotic and counter-productive 🙂