6 of the 10 Republican presidential candidates are using WordPress, the other 4 are on Drupal, which means all 10 are on an Open Source CMS.

8 thoughts on “Presidential Candidates on WP

    1. The only other major party would be President Obama’s party the Democrats. While the official government site, whitehouse.gov runs on Drupal and the campaign site, barakobama.com , runs on Expressions Engine.

      There are a few “3rd party candidates”, the two biggest being:
      Green Party – http://www.mesplay.org/ – Drupal
      Libertarian – http://wrights2012.com/ – WordPress

      The most surprising thing to me is none of them run on Joomla.

  1. John McCains website was due to be transitioned to WordPress when he won. Except history says that didn’t happen ๐Ÿ˜› It was an ugly beast of a site so it’s probably best that never happened, as it wouldn’t have been a good look for WordPress, lol.

  2. The choice of Gary Johnson and Ron Paul to use WordPress or any kind of open-source/non-copyright CMS does not surprise me.

    By Libertarian standards, copyright is really just a partial claim on how someone else may use their property.

    In this case, that property is our servers.