WordCamp Livestream

The past two days I’ve been at WordCamp San Francisco and the presentations have been amazing. For the first time ever for San Francisco we’ve had a really fantastic live video stream going from both rooms. It’s a pretty economical way to get all of the content of the conference without the cost of coming to San Francisco. We even had someone streaming from Pakistan! My talk on the State of the Word, will be tomorrow at 11 AM PST so get a ticket on the WordCamp SF site.

2 replies on “WordCamp Livestream”

Awesome being able to see #wcsf livestream from Norway for 3 days 🙂

Got a glance of my boyfriend attending wcsf livestream 🙂

The nearest I’ve been to attend a religious meeting, my first WordCamp, the best thing ever.

Ingebjørg J;_D))