ReadWriteWeb covers the / Federated Media deal which will give high-end bloggers access to run advertising from FM, which is significantly higher quality than alternatives like Google Adsense, which has been declining in quality and is no longer a great choice for bloggers. Proud to be part of the empowerment of the Independent Web, which is the dark matter of the internet.

7 thoughts on “Federated Media Deal

  1. Not sure I fully understand the implications of this, but it’s interesting.

    I’m pretty sure I’m not one, but curious how you define “high-end blogger.”

    I think I’ve heard you say you don’t really want a lot of ads on blogs. On the other hand, I’m in a situation where I’m considering going self-hosted in order to try to sell a few ads.

    Can you say more about the future of this kind of “opt-in” ad program (as ReadWriteWeb called it)?

    Thanks for a great platform.

  2. This is a very positive step. But I feel that should go one step ahead and replicate the Squidoo model for its publishers. At least the ones who are signed up for this program. What they are doing there is very impressive but they are building content from the ground up. is much more suited as it already has a huge user-base.

    1. I’m not a fan of the Squidoo model personally, and I think in the market they haven’t been as successful as they could have been if they took a less revenue-centric approach.

  3. Yes, can you explain “high-end blogger?” I know WP currently allows ads on blogs with traffic more than 25K a month. How is this different from that? Lately, I’ve been pushing the 25K # so I’d love to have the opportunity to put an ad or two up on the blog.

  4. Well my end is outstandingly high. Does agree?

    Also, can we use the fact that this is running on our blogs as a gateway to get it on our externally hosted blogs?

  5. Also yes, Squidoo could have done much better if they weren’t all about the quick buck. They started out having some really interesting people and came quickly to the point where I simply assume anyone whose comment links to Squidoo is just in it for the eyeballs.