Matt is turning 28 I’m turning 28 next week on January 11th. My friends and family always complain that I’m impossible to buy for, and it’s true, I don’t need any more stuff. (Exception is a mixtape / playlist, I eat those up.) The most important luxuries in my life are time, friends, and time with friends. The thing I covet is impact. So this year going to try something different: I’m giving up my birthday to raise money for charity: water and provide clean water to people that need it. 100% of money donated goes directly to projects in the field. Please donate — let’s build some wells. 🙂

21 thoughts on “Birthday Gifts

  1. Happy Birthday, Matt.

    This year on January 11th my wife and I will celebrate our 15th year of marriage, so it’s a special day for me as well.

    I hope you have a great one, and kudos on the charity work, it’s a great cause!

  2. I’m in.

    Blogging helped me a lot professionally. My blog is still my web dev testbed. Even committed to a blog post a day for the next year.

    Seems like a cool way to say thanks.

  3. My church has given to Charity Water before – it really is a great cause and they really do what they say. It’s an amazing thing to help people with this most basic need.

    Great idea for a birthday gift!

  4. Oh no. Please don’t go that way, Matt.

    Charity is something the elders do when they start worrying about dying. Are you really there?

    Also, charity for Africa and such remote countries is all well and good but just once in a while, wouldn’t you want to see the benefit of your charity blossom right where you live?

    I’d say if you absolutely MUST do something for someone else, why not try to build a decent school in the bay area, right next door from where you live?

    Well, that’s my honest opinion on that. Good luck.

  5. “I’m giving up my birthday to raise money for charity: water and provide clean water to people that need it” —> so’r the right man…

  6. Hey Matt, unfortunately many water aquifers are quickly depleting. In places in India people have moved of land because it is too expensive to dig deeper wells or drill new ones. Land-grabbing, a common practice that happens when nations like China, or Saudi Arabia run out of water to irrigate their farms, buy land in failing states for dirt cheap, and with land they buy precious water resources that are already scarce. Inefficient irrigation methods further deplete water resources.

    1. I do respect your effort, it is necessary because water is life. Taking a stand out against corporations and governments involved in theft and pollution is as important. If you gas up your car, you’re part of it. If you’re not paying the true price of gasoline, $15 a gallon you are part of a system that systematically abuses 1 billion people living outside of political system, in poverty, and malnutrition, and many more who are fighting the system to change. Taxpayers worldwide contribute $700 billion USD towards environmentally destructive activity that brings otherwise abundant planet for 7 billion population to starving and thirsty 1 billion.