One thought on “MCM_4172

  1. Loved the “They had iPads,” yes I spotted the monkeys (I think? mid upper right), and the “Thank you, Mr. Mullner, er, Mullenweg” shots. Looks like a great day, indeed!

    P.S. Don’t judge me on my blog: Have worked with WordPress professionally–loved it!–and hope to transfer my personal blog from TypePad to WordPress. Was delighted to meet Mr. Matt at WordPress BootCamp in Houston (think it was 2010?), also attended by his lovely family. Met his sis, and took pix w/Matt! I’ve been an inactive blogger of late owing to four family surgeries over the past year-plus (my two neurosurgeries at the hands of Dr. Dong Kim, who was operating on/treating Arizona congresswoman Gabby Giffords at the same time: should’ve blogged like crazy through all that, but attention to healing trumped that). I really liked Matt: Remarkably approachable, genuinely nice guy! Oops, wait: I shouldn’t be talking about you in the third person, Matt: Thought I was on the tweeter’s blog…!)