Facebook / Instagram tip-off

In mid-January Mark Zuckerberg added me as a friend on Instagram (we’re also connected on Facebook), I grabbed this screenshot a few weeks later because I thought it might be interesting at some point:

Today the awesome news, for both Facebook and Instagram, comes that the Instagram team and product is being acquired. This is one of the first acquisitions (if not the first?) Facebook has made where they don’t plan to shut down the service, and it’s a testament to what Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger, and his team have built. (Friendfeed is still running, but that doesn’t count.) It’s good to see old Pier 38 neighbors doing well.

8 thoughts on “Facebook / Instagram tip-off

  1. Nice work on snagging that screen grab of the Zuck follow.
    I hope FB keeps the service as a stand alone as they have said they would. I’d hate to see this one go the way of other acquisitions and disappear.

  2. I don’t want one company to ‘service’ all my online activity (as far as that is still possible) I kept my pics off facebook mostly and now, instagram is off the table for me. Enough alternatives though šŸ™‚

  3. over the past year, I’ve removed myself from many online hosted social sites due to a lack of privacy controls and policies. instead, opted to go back to a self-hosted wp model. while the trade-off means less viewers and requires more admin and maintenance, at the end of the day, I’m happier.

    I agree with @vincent above, I don’t want a 1-stop shop for all my social exposure. IMO, I predict Flickr may be making a comeback.