The landlord at 87 Third Avenue included a lease clause requiring that MakerBot comply with science-fiction writer Isaac Asimov’s “three laws of robotics,” which require that robots follow orders, not injure humans, and protect their own existence.

Makerbot has a fun article in the WSJ today about moving office space. (Makerbot is an Audrey company.)

3 thoughts on “Three Laws of Makerbot

  1. I don’t pay rent to anyone…but I think in the future I will require any tenants that ever rent one of my properties (I think I could rent out a few Lunar suites for the Gingrich camp…..) to be in compliance with the Laws of Asimov…..:)

  2. ” …will move into the full 21st floor of One Metrotech, a massive pink-and-gray tower also occupied by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Morgan Stanley.”

    Wow, cool cool “neighbors” … no wonder the landlord has that clause 🙂

  3. While this is a fun clause, it’s actually pretty hard for them to comply with.

    Do they need motion sensors in their robots that stop function if they detect that the robot will hit something moving? (protect humans)

    Does that mean that a Makerbot would never produce parts that could be used to create a better Makerbot, thus rendering the current version obsolete? (protecting thyself)

    Seems like the technology isn’t advanced enough to actually comply with the laws (yet) 😉