WP BBQ in Memphis

For the third year now I’m over in Memphis for the World Championship of BBQ, joined by Otto, Nacin, Scott, and Rose. Last year due to flooding the festival was moved to a fairgrounds inland, but there’s nothing quite like being right on the Mississippi with the sweet aroma of pork all around you. (An aroma that, incidentally, follows you home in your clothes. :)) The team we sponsor, the Moody Ques, put together an impressive booth this year, which you can see coming up in the below timelapse:

The video doesn’t do justice to the delicious food being cooked inside, though, which you have to experience in person.

5 thoughts on “WP BBQ in Memphis

  1. It’s great to see some people who have a passion for both blogging and BBQ! We have two businesses and the BBQ business is certainly the most fun of the two. Talking to people who share the enthusiasm for this pastime is always a pleasure.

    The video showing the construction of booth is nicely done and there certainly was a lot of time and resources that went into that. Good luck to all involved there. If you are in the Louisville, KY area sometime, be sure and stop by. See our details on the website!