Verge on Palm

The Verge has a pretty epic feature on the history of Palm, Treo, and WebOS. Not many people know this but I started and ran the Houston Palm Users Group after getting a Handspring Visor in high school. PalmOS had apps, connectivity, handwriting input, infrared beaming…

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I won a Palm IIIe in a writing competition – my first mobile device of any kind. Flight attendants used to want to swap software with me via the IR port. Fun times. I still have it, and a fold-out keyboard, but my batteries (and backups) have long since died.

Saw one in a computing museum this weekend. Sobering.

My gosh, I nearly forgot these devices existed!

I remember enchanting my coworkers in about ’97 or ’98 during a boring keynote speech by checking our stock price with a Palm that I’d won in a raffle.

I saw my first Palm in about ’96. I remember thinking it was the future. It was so clear that this was how we’d all want to do things.

Before WordPress ever existed, I wrote AvantBlog to allow people to use the AvantGo “browser” on their Palm devices to post to Looking back, it was so amazingly ghetto, AvantGo had a bizarre hybrid online/offline thing going on where it saved form submissions locally and then submitted them when you were online. All very weird 🙂

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