3 thoughts on “Digg Wasn’t A Failure

  1. Here is how digg can re-launch and skyrocket into the big leagues again and never ever worry about falling out of favor again.

    Digg should produce it’s own digg clone and make it free for download and install.

    The idea is for thousands of people and webmasters to install their own version for local news, tech articles what ever. The digg clone would take the top 10 articles form all these sites and auto submit these to digg.com. Then the national audience would be able to vote on them via sharing them with friends.

    The top digg articles would auto distribute via txt mssge, twitter, RSS and email list. All distributed articles would have a share button where every person who did receive the article could share it. The act of sharing would cycle back through the main digg site and every share would count automatically as a vote.

    Of course there would be the usual division of articles via categories so people would not get articles sent to them on topics they are not interested in.

    Using this method digg would quickly become the top news dissemination source in the world with every share being automatically counted as a vote, auto voting if you will. The top digg articles could be published on the mini digg clone sites via RSS

    There could even be a newspaper version so local newspapers could install the digg clone and auto submit top news articles. You would want to have only local news submitted not AP stories.

    This could also work as a plugin that turns WordPress into the new open source digg clone, this would probably be the single best way to accomplish this.

    There you go, the new direction for digg to become the top news sharing site in the world.

  2. Why do these tech employees try so hard to sound cool? Ughh.
    Anyway, of course it wasn’t a failure, if that’s a failure it was a pretty successful one.