An oldie but a goodie: Your New TV Ruins Movies. I’ve been known to do this to TVs of friends and family without telling them.

5 thoughts on “Motion Smoothing

  1. My brother almost returned a brand new LCD TV because he hated the picture quality so much. Then I helped him find the setting that turned off TelenovelaVision™. Problem solved.

  2. I couldn’t even tell you what my television is set at. One of the passes I get as a blind person. Unrelated, this reminded me of the clocks in my house. I’m constantly hearing from friends and relatives when they visit that this or that clock is the wrong time. (I don’t even think there are two clocks that read the same time in the house. I can’t see them, have no use for them, didn’t want them, and don’t care.) So inevitably the person who points this out is so annoyed by this fact s/he goes about resetting the clock . . . only for me to never pay attention to it again until the next person down the line is so motivated. Never knew looking at the wrong time was such an offensive thing for people until I started getting random clocks as gifts!

    And even more unrelated, but for whatever reason my screen reader insists there are two “edit comment” fields in this comment form. Not exactly making things accessible. (I sent an email to Automattic support about this yesterday when I discovered it on both and via Jetpack on my own website, I was hoping it was an isolated issue, though. Alas.)

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