9 thoughts on “The Generosity Strategy

  1. Generosity = HERE – YES 🙂
    great article / conversation
    Generosity= Kindness
    keeps the world spinning on its axis …..
    It’s the tiny things that move people and make a diff.
    Kudos again and again to You and Your Happiness Engineers……

  2. WordPress is definitely the way of the future. As Mr. McAlister points out, not only do they have an exceptional ‘product’ but the visionary ‘marketing strategy’ have proven how to do business in today’s world.

  3. Great post, especially the opening line (at least for me, who wonders the same thing).

    An investor just asked me the other day, “Isn’t blogging dead?” I couldn’t wait to paraphrase your answer to that 🙂 And I do believe it settled the question for him.

  4. Matt I like your idea of WordPress, the platform is robust and functional. Apart from PHP what other languages do you write?

  5. Humans are basically cruel, greedy and selfish. Not because we were born that way or because we desire it. We’re that way because that’s what we are taught from very early and it is supported through our culture. Competition is not viewed as a force to make us better, it is a force we are taught to dominate and control (destroy).

    Humans who advocate freedom and equality are attached or destroyed (Muhammad, Jesus, Gandhi, Kennedy, Martin Luther King are a few). There are countless others with not so famous names.

    Natural selection favors the aggressor with the biggest stick. Others are beaten to death with this stick.

    I attended a WordCamp where Matt made a statement about wanting to make a free platform available for all those who have a voice. No one applauded this statement – it went virtually unnoticed.

    I believe that WordPress and Matt are not (and may not ever be) appreciated for the value and contribution that will have the greatest impact on our world – giving a platform to those who would otherwise be beaten to death by the big stick.