WP in Politics

WordPress Is Probably Powering Your Favorite Candidate’s Website, from Mashable.

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WP would get more upgrade subscriptions if the offer/features were adjusted somewhat:
1. The price is TOO HIGH. Drop it 50%.
2. Registering the domain should include some hosting features

Pro-upgrade: Why would one pay $99 a year with restricted features, when it’s not more than $40-50 a year to self-host with a domain registration included? Makes no sense. Drop the price by half, tie in the hosting features with amazon’s web and allow unlimited space and charge as to use of any GB of (say) above 6. Amazon is cheap.

Domain registration: If I would spend $15 to purchase the domain via WP, why are some basic hosting features not included? The lack of being able to add code and install plugins make it a very unattractive deal. Include 2-3 GB hosting which allows plugins, codes, etc.

When I saw how many websites are out there for US politicians it surprises me at how bad Australian politicians are! I don’t think I’ve seen any site, so they are either not there, or they are marketed so poorly!

Sounds like I need to head on down to Canberra and teach them a thing or two about wordpress!

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