Bitcoin on now accepts payments via Bitcoin, possibly the largest internet service yet to adopt it. I find Bitcoin intrinsically interesting as a crypto-currency, but it also might open up our premium services to folks who couldn’t use them before. It’s been fun to watch the store engine of evolve behind the scenes. In other news, there are now verticals for municipalities and bands, and we compiled an incomplete list of best-selling authors on WordPress.

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Excellent news! Well done Matt! This will really help BitCoin to gain traction! I hope a lot more WordPress Developers will start accepting BitCoin payments and donations. It made me cring the other day to have to activate my PayPal account to make a small donation to a WordPress plugin developer.


I love that WP is accepting Bitcoin. I have no interest in setting up a blog but would donate a bitcoin or three to WP just because. Would you all consider putting up a general bitcoin address to take donations?

Matt, I really appreciate your dedication to cutting edge products and services, including Bitcoin. I think that’s one of the attitudes that keeps WordPress on the cutting edge, too!

Do you worry about the volatility of the Bitcoin exchange rates? Or, how shall I put this, the association with some of the, um, “seedier” neighborhoods on the internet?

Matt, is one of the reasons for accepting Bitcoin related to the nascent Namecoin project that uses Bitcoin technology to decentralize DNS?

It appears that currently freedom of speech is largely censored, or able to be censored, by (1) legacy payment systems which can be interfered with and (2) centralized DNS records.

Good to see you fighting so valiantly for freedom of speech.