It’s interesting to read the contrast between the presidential endorsements (for Obama) from two of my favorite magazines, the New Yorker and Economist. Mayor Bloomberg was also a surprise. The Wikipedia, as always, has very comprehensive lists of endorsements for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

9 thoughts on “Presidential Endorsements

  1. James Taranto at WSJ has been running an “Unenthusiastic Endorsement Watch” bit in his daily column. The Economist’s endorsement made the cut yesterday, and was one of the most critical ones I’ve read so far.

    With friends like these, who needs enemies?

  2. wow… just wow. guns & ammo, magical thinking & bible thumping, babes in flags, precious metal investment scams & survival food. guess that says it all there patrick.

    anyhow.. back to the real world. The economist endorsement article was of interest. I personally think they place too much credit on left-wing Democrats influence on Obama and haven’t called attention to the right-wing obstructionism of Boehner/McConnell and their gang of teaparty thugs. But, not to suggest -this progressive- is all that happy with Obama either. Disappointed in the lack of vigor and inspired vision he came thru with for us.

  3. Wonderful work on Wikipedia. It’d be interesting to see that list in a table, sortable by [the tough to measure] range of influence, and [more doable] degree of endorsement such as active (B. Clinton: heavy Obama campaigning) and inactive (G.W. Bush: passive Romney endorsement with no involvement).