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In the past on there’s been a big gap between Pro, which costs around $100 a year, and VIP, which starts around $60,000 a year. Now it’s been partially filled, and we’re calling the new service Enterprise. You get 90% of the benefit of VIP — scalability, security, upgrades, 70+ audited plugins, full JavaScript access — for 10% of the cost, or about $500 a month. I think Enterprise is a perfect fit for many higher-end and business sites. Full speed ahead, number one.

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Excellent option!

Still no Custom Theme upload though, I know for my Enterprise environment that is the big reason we don’t move to Whilst this is a step in the right direction I still find it hard to see how you can have a truly customisable and unique site without being able to use your own custom designed theme. Changing the CSS just doesn’t cut it I’m afraid.

I would much prefer to see a model like or where you get rock solid infrastructure but you still maintain full creative control.

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