In the past on there’s been a big gap between Pro, which costs around $100 a year, and VIP, which starts around $60,000 a year. Now it’s been partially filled, and we’re calling the new service Enterprise. You get 90% of the benefit of VIP — scalability, security, upgrades, 70+ audited plugins, full JavaScript access — for 10% of the cost, or about $500 a month. I think Enterprise is a perfect fit for many higher-end and business sites. Full speed ahead, number one.

8 thoughts on “ Enterprise

  1. Still no Custom Theme upload though, I know for my Enterprise environment that is the big reason we don’t move to Whilst this is a step in the right direction I still find it hard to see how you can have a truly customisable and unique site without being able to use your own custom designed theme. Changing the CSS just doesn’t cut it I’m afraid.

    I would much prefer to see a model like or where you get rock solid infrastructure but you still maintain full creative control.

    1. Between JS and CSS you can change pretty much anything on your site. It definitely is a different way of thinking, though, and for devs who aren’t used to working in that way yet it’s going to feel awkward.