TechCrunch writes Has Imported 15M Posts In The Last 30 Days, Remains A Top Safe Haven For Nomad Bloggers. I’m very proud of the 8+ years we’ve been a home for, and protected, our users blogs. Protection covers many aspects: backups, scalability, security, speed, permalinks, mobile versions, forward-compatible markup, clean exports… the list goes on. We’ve done the same with other internet-scale services, like Akismet, Gravatar, and Jetpack, and I hope to earn the same trust in the coming decade with VaultPress and Simperium.

12 thoughts on “Imports Keep Rolling, and Trust

  1. You sure do have a knack for scalability. I always assumed Gravatar was going to fall flat on it’s face once it’s scaled up, but I was wrong. I assumed VaultPress would struggle with everything but high end business customers but I was wrong. The only thing you’ve scaled which I consider a flop is JetPack, but definitely not due to performance reasons as it always seems to run as intended reliably.

    Not many companies can say they’ve successfully managed to scale things that rapidly so well. Almost every other service I’ve seen which had to scale rapidly ran into all sorts of problems. None of those same problems seem to (noticeably) affect your own product lines which is awesome to see.

    If only I could make something myself which needed to handle such scalability …

  2. Matt,

    Great article about you and WordPress. Although, I have to tell you and this is not a joke or anything. This photo here, is not the greatest:

    It makes you look, well… Old. I would ask them to change it, if it were me. You are a good looking young man and you do deserve a better photo than that.

    I cannot believe that I have been using your software since 2006. 8 years… Been a long time.

    I wish you the best my friend, I really do. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. As a female engineer who is a heavy user of WordPress, I got curious and had to check the photo, and personally I think you look great there, Matt :-).

  3. Hi Matt,
    I read the article and interview with you on Techcrunch. I was particularly interested in the fact that so many people from Tumblr have moved over to WordPress. You touched upon the reason in the interview. It seems the Tumblr is designed to limit what people can post in any one entry in order to keep things simple. But in creating this limitation they are not serving the users who want a richer blogging experience. So, is that indeed the main reason people move over from Tumblr to WordPress, or are there some others? What are the main qualities that people who move from Tumblr like about WordPress?

    I am going to write a blog post about this issue, because it goes along with the main theme of my new blog, which is creating a higher quality experience on the web.\