SxSW, Work, and Blogging

369ajvpd7nrkwmlf1amk I’ve been at the SxSW festival since Friday, it’s actually my tenth year attending. Since the first time I used my parent’s gas card and drove up from Houston this event has had a special place in my heart, even as I’ve gone in and out of love with it as it’s grown over the years. (I heard that there were more interactive badges this year than film or music.)

I’ve spoken here and there the last few days and it has generated some good blog posts, so here’s a sampling of them you may find interesting:

On the way to our interview session Kara Swisher recorded an interview on a pedi-cab.

Techcrunch TV did a nice short interview, WordPress’ Matt Mullenweg On Working From Home, Making Money Without Ads, And More [TCTV].

Paidcontent wrote on Where WordPress[.com] is headed: Longform content, curation and maybe even native ads.

Marketing Land wrote two great posts, WordPress Founder Matt Mullenweg At SXSW: Blogging Still Booming and Why Not Work From Home? “We Have The Technology,” Says WordPress’ Mullenweg.

Finally Access PR asked SXSW: What do WordPress and Airbnb have in common?

The coolest part about this and every year is meeting WordPress users all over — at restaurants, in the streets, at the booth… please don’t hesitate to say hi.

8 thoughts on “SxSW, Work, and Blogging

  1. Great seeing you at the #vegastech party. You know there’s always a space available for you in Las Vegas if you’re ever looking to put down roots somewhere new for a little while.

  2. I still can’t believe our first time at SXSW was 10 years ago. Where has the time gone??? Missed seeing you this year (I was in Vegas for WPPI), but I’d love to get together sometime if you make it to Houston!