Time 30 Under 30

Very honored to be on Time’s 30 under 30 list alongside some amazing folks across a number of fields. I only have about another month of being under 30, so good to be on these lists while I still can. šŸ™‚

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I was getting to the tail end of the list and thought, “Matt has to be on this list…either that or he is older than I thought.” Then there you were at #28…all is good. Congratulations!

Way to go Matt. Soak it up! We also realized that roller coasters aren’t quite what they used to be around the 30 mark. Get those in while you can too. We would have gone on a roller coaster binge if we’d known. Of course it was Cedar Point in Ohio that I discovered this… Have a blast!

I think this is your 4th “30 under 30” kind of recognition after Forbes and Business Insider.

This one must to close to your heart as you received it 35 days before your 30th B’Day šŸ™‚


Well done, Matt!
By the way, if you can find the time between rewriting the laws of the web and living your life, I have a feature on my blog you may be interested in.
It’s called “5×5 With The Hook” and its primary goal is to lighten people’s hearts with five answers to random, whimsical questions posed by yours truly to a lucky victim, I mean guest.

I realize your time is valuable, but if you’re interested, let me know.
The entire process takes minutes, is guaranteed to make you smile and is completely painless.

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