Bay Area Events


I have a few engagements in the coming week in the San Francisco area and online:

7 thoughts on “Bay Area Events

  1. Just a few things going on… 😉 Really looking forward to the WP Think Tank; sending a couple of questions later today.

    One of our resolutions for this year is to become better “WP evangelists” within the music/arts community. Artists tend to love cool causes…and want to give back…particularly when the cause is hip.

    Off to the ‘shed.

    “Down with the .org for life.” Thanks for the motivation!

      1. BTW, your photo with Kanye W., on your other blog, led us to @dondashouse, the non-profit in honor of his late mother, Dr. Donda West.

        As a result of your blog post, we snagged a sweet sponsorship for their very first open house last November. “Proudly Powered by WordPress Since 2008!” is our tag on our AD / Tweets. @Rhymefest (Grammy-winner and WP user) hooked us up in a major way…with “tons” of nice Tweets.

        “Down with the .org for life!”

  2. I just received an email announcing your post. It is ridiculous that your photo is 8.9 Mega Bytes!!! Please let us not waste precious resources until we are 100% Solar powered 😉

  3. Hey Matt, great meeting you briefly at The Commonwealth Club event yesterday. It was really fantastic hearing from both you and Ben. Keep up the awesome work, you’re definitely an inspiration to folks all over the place – myself included. I didn’t mention it last night, but the latest WordPress project I’m working on is It definitely wouldn’t have come about without all the work you’ve been doing over the past decade, so just wanted to say thanks!

  4. Nice conversation at the Commonwealth Club Matt — I wouldn’t have know about the event if you hadn’t posted it here — Cheers!