Seoul, Jakarta, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, Manila, Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington, and Auckland

Later this week I’m heading on a speaking tour of a number of cities in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand talking about the past and future of WordPress and some of the things I’ve learned in the past few years of building WordPress and Automattic. It’s been a number of years since I’ve visited these countries, and I’ve never been to Korea, Singapore, Melbourne, or Auckland before, so really looking forward to meeting the local communities in each of these cities and learning about how we can best set up WordPress for the coming decade of growth, especially in languages other than English.

If you’re near any of these cities and want to come by check out the following links for more information. Even if it says “sold out” already, as many are, put your name on the waitlist anyway because I know some places are already searching for larger venues, and there could always be cancellations or spaces open up at the last minute.


Australia & New Zealand

The schedule might be a little exhausting, but I wanted to make it as many communities as possible in the short window of time I have before I need to be stateside again.

25 thoughts on “Seoul, Jakarta, Singapore, Tokyo, Osaka, Manila, Melbourne, Sydney, Wellington, and Auckland

  1. I’d like to come, me and with my brother(as my birthday gift also to him to meet you Matt) but unfortunately there’s no available slot anymore on Manila.

  2. Hey Matt,
    I’ve been long follower of Word press for while now, don’t forget the continent of Africa; the people need a way of expressing their world as well.

    I love Tokyo!

  3. All your new news is fantastic! you stand for “HUMANISM” thank heavens, so. <3! Matt, when you get back, I want to ask you and WP about something I have been working on, to help the kids like Elliot that you saw in the news. It relates to this post: I have been looking for a long time at some of the art you will see there. I have designed a plan for ART & Narrative for these kids? And WP would be the platform to use. This plan would allow clinicians to assess via art and text — kids who might be following in that path. Thank you. ps: as for Steve Jobs I used to work on one of his first Macs — the tiny square one! I don't even think you were born yet, but would he ever be proud of YOU. Just like him, and his ideas were.

  4. Hey Matt! Just wanted to say I thoroughly enjoyed your talk tonight! (I’m the dude who asked about China). Am working on my start-up projects too full-time now so it’s great to hear about your advice for entrepreneurs like myself. And I love music AND pol sci AND economics too! Am guessing you’re sympathetic to the Austrian School.

    Anyway, thanks for the great talk again! Learnt a lot today~