“These big collections of personal data are like radioactive waste. […] Surveillance limits our ability to be creative with technology. It’s like a tax we all have to pay on innovation.”

Maciej Cegłowski gave a great talk he later wrote out in The Internet With A Human Face.

5 thoughts on “Internet With A Human Face

  1. I loved this. In summation, what is the Occulus Rift? Except escape. In 1980 no one realized what the internet would become? In 2014 your spycat said it all. When did trust “erode.” In 1980 there were no cameras attached to streetlights? You didn’t walk into a market and see televisions monitoring which brands you buy. FB has tried with that advertising hasn’t it? But it’s always WRONG! (Insert laugh into bleak) you might be right about the big quake… and your dark image of the sepia toned abandoned house is perfect. In fact every image you used here. In my lifetime, at work, people moved into “cubicles” — and this even got reflected in the architecture — “cubes” — it’s boring. It’s not the human way? Because look what humanity built over centuries. Okay so, the best thing for me in the WEB is WP. Because I am going to build a treatment planner to stop the next Elliot. I am. I heart you guys. As far as I am concerned Art & Narrative is going to rebuild what a lot of kids have lost because of where the programming took them. The spying cat. How did we get there? But not only that? The intelligence level of the spy? We might be worried about that — with 1 in 88 is it? Coming out with Autism. But you know what? The human mind and heart will always trump a machine! Yep. Okay. I’m going to give you my research notes, and then show you a vid — because you Silicon peeps ARE going to know what to do with it! <3! https://vbonnaire.wordpress.com/2014/06/03/mirrored-self-heroic-avatar-tx-plan-elliot-new-tx-paradigm-depth-psychology-ecopsychology-notes/ ps; I feel great after having read what you wrote.

    1. “You didn’t walk into a market and see televisions monitoring which brands you buy. ”
      Yes – it was so, But there were *different* markets in different countries NOT one FB or one G+ trying to “do” it ALL. The monopoly is what hurts – if there are a dozen social nets with true inter-connectivity like email no one would rant 🙂

  2. Hmm, but on another perspective, in a world with increasing terror activities, we look up to our governments to protect us, right? So don’t you think the mass surveillance is more like an efficient method, the government came up with to protect us.
    I am telling this because, obviously we need to think think from both perspectives. Safety is in the mind of everyone.