Scoop and Scale

NY Times did a neat article on their CMS Scoop, one cool piece of which is their ICE editor we worked on with them a few years ago. Their cropping stuff is also cool, though it’s dizzying how many sizes they need to produce. They included some numbers on the volume of content published through Scoop, “700 articles, 600 images, 14 slide shows and 50 videos per day,” and folks were asking about the latest from WordPress. Of course many people run WP on their own cloud or infrastructure, so these numbers aren’t comprehensive, but at least for and Jetpack blogs we now see every day 1,300,000 posts, 780,000 uploads (images and videos), and close to half of all posts have some sort of external content embedded in them, like a Youtube, Vimeo, or Tweet. I’m very proud that many members of the fourth estate from the Times to FiveThirtyEight are using WordPress.