Attention Minutes, the environmental journalism non-profit I’m on the board of, has received a Knight Foundation grant to “allow newsrooms to better measure audience engagement, beyond clicks and page views, by creating an open-source WordPress plugin that will measure ‘attention minutes’ to determine how long users are interacting with content.” I’m excited to see what they come up with, and that it will be open source, perhaps it’s something we can incorporate into Jetpack down the line. If hacking on that sort of thing and saving the planet is interesting to you, Grist is hiring WordPress developers.

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Hey Matt, and Upworthy are also working on an open source implementation of engaged time and we’d love for to be involved as well. Upworthy’s announcement has a link to their current implementation and we’ve been tweaking this slightly at and plan to open source the lib once tested.

Feel free to reach out mike at


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