NomadList has list of cities around the world sortable by cost of living, temperature, and internet speed, so if you can work from anywhere you can choose someplace fun to do so. Hat tip: Matt Galligan.

3 thoughts on “NomadList

  1. Bali, Bucharest, Omaha (no idea why), Amsterdam (I have heard they have good food), Zurich, SAN FRANCISCO, Dublin, LONDON, NEW YORK, Guadalajara (strangely…or Ensanda??)…Buenos Aires….

    Not sure about Medellin or Manila, but that is off the cuff without looking at the internet speed.

    SD didn’t make the list, possibly because it has been like connecting two cans together on Downtown infrastructure. I do think they’re working on it. We don’t get luxuries like that…working on a stable fix for an overly busy network for a loooong time, what is that like?

  2. I think I am going to try and make the trek to WordCamp SF this year…we’re past mid July for signups, can you have someone send me something where I can get the confirmation?

  3. It would be nice if they used Heat Index instead of temperature. I was just in Hong Kong and while the temperatures are in the mid-80’s, the humidity is so high that it ends up feeling like 90’s or even 100’s.