How The Sun Sees You

This video really makes you want to wear sunblock, something I haven’t been as good about this week. (Sorry Mom!) Hat tip: Sara Rosso.

5 thoughts on “How The Sun Sees You

  1. Maybe you should try some of NIVEA’s moistourizer products. Most of them have at least SPF 15, what they didn’t have 12 years back when I traveled NZ and everyone was talking about the ozone hole. And their Logo and CI is kinda ‘in tune’ with WordPress from what I saw of the State of the Word 2013 video and slides.
    The product’s are not vegan I think, but nobody’s perfect.

  2. An unexpectedly revealing video. My daughter, 14, has very fair skin and loves to tan. To her (and I’m sure it’s the same way with most young people) her youth and vitality is something she will always possess. No amount of parental guidance will disabuse her of this. This video however, was a game changer for her. After seeing this it finally dawned on her that continuing to have beautiful skin late in life is largely something that’s under her control and she now makes sure she’s well-covered in sunscreen before she goes out.