Last week in the New York elections my friend who was running for Lieutenant Governor, Tim Wu, lost. However, the New Yorker has a great look at how close the race was. As John Cassidy puts it, “The strong showing by Teachout and Wu was a victory for progressive voters who warmed to their message about tackling rising inequality, political corruption, and corporate abuses.” Hat tip: Cody Brown.

2 thoughts on “Cuomo’s Embarrassment

  1. I don’t live in NY anymore, but through the years there have been some bad governors.
    Remember Attica?
    I couldn’t really get an handle on why Cuomo is so bad that he needed to be replaced.
    IMO, the article’s counter arguments were more on the mark. The New Yorker – increasingly political – enjoys screaming in the forest. But over time it’s clear the New Yorker’s political instincts are not as sharp as its intellectual and cultural ones.