We’re not trying to build the next Snapchat — we’re trying to build the next WordPress.
— Josh Miller from Facebook

Uh, okay! From the Verge’s article Facebook's new Rooms app brings bite-sized forums to your iPhone.

9 thoughts on “FB Rooms

  1. I consider myself a pretty smart guy and I could not wrap my head around this comment when I read it. I think it is a stretch and probably was an off comment given to a ‘reporter’. And after reading Josh’s tweets I’m sure he would like to take back the comment.

    I think a more apt analogy would be … Forums as a service.

  2. I see what he was trying to say, but I can’t see how a centralized service can be a “platform”. If I can run my room on my own server with no connection to your system, then that is indeed a platform. But I’m not seeing the server code download anywhere. Maybe I missed it.

  3. My initial thought was “it will never work” but then I realized that for many, it will work. Facebook is mostly full of content consumers, not content creators. Therefore, these chat rooms or forums will be like a pin board of content that the person likes.
    The fear of the unknown is too strong for a lot of people who get their news, updates and everything else from Facebook.
    I recently met someone who used Facebook a lot and I asked them to check out one of our websites. I wanted to see how they would react. They could not figure out how to access posts, click on different tabs in the menu etc. They were so used to using Facebook that they were thrown off by a different layout.
    From what I understand, all facebook will be doing is creating sticky posts that will remain on the users pinboard.
    It seems odd that they are saying they are creating the next wordpress. That is a bit like me scanning my PC for viruses and claiming I am creating the next AVG.