Gambino Mixtape STN MTN

The ever-creative Childish Gambino has released a new mixtape STN MTN (track by track) which is part of a longer EP Kauai that was just released on iTunes. Donald is a friend and an artist whose work fluently spans much more than music. And I’m not just saying that because, as Techcrunch noted, he shouts out to Krutal and I at the end of Go DJ.

6 thoughts on “Gambino Mixtape STN MTN

  1. Any recap on the tour? Gambino sold-out Chicago in a heartbeat, with seemingly little effort. Congrats again on that! I think you’ll find that many musicians and other artists want to contribute (give back) to WordPress (WP). This probably falls under marketing / public outreach. Artists rely on WP big-time and like to support positive causes. Just a thought. Really looking forward to the State of the Word stream! Cheers, Matt!

    1. I was JUST talking about this with one of our lead developers actually – the fact that many celebrities are joining the WP world. This has actually increased exposure from 20% of overall access to WordPress. I think this is a wonderful new step because it would give celebrities a chance to connect with their audience in a new way.

      I mean Facebook, Twitter, G+ and the rest are great for keeping the momentum going but writing blog posts or vloggin even and then posting it into the blog has a different type of vlaue. It feels a lot more intimate and the customer/fanbase would feel a lot closer to that person.

      Also reminds me of one of the books I just finished reading by Gary Vaynerchuk called jab jab jab right hook – definitely a must read for any internet marketer by the way 🙂

      1. I totally agree with you. It’s just a hunch, but I believe there are many celebrities who would jump at an opportunity to show their support for WordPress (WP) and for exposing people to code. WordPress and the arts go hand-in-hand, plus exposing people to code is a positive endeavor that is difficult to resist. Finally, WordPress has an innate “swag factor” that is a true “secret weapon.” The WP ecosystem and overall culture are, simply stated, cool. Even the name itself is cool. “Word!” and “Press on!” resonate positively and are fun plays on the full name. And, there’s the fact that WordPress is FREE! Artists tend to use expensive tools and truly appreciate free, enterprise-grade software such as WP. Cool product/culture/ecosystem + positive cause = full support from artists! Thanks for entertaining my rant. 🙂

    2. Hey Johnny,

      Childish Gambino’s Deep Web Tour which we sponsored via went really well. It was a great opportunity for to show our support for music and creative artists. It has led to many artists reaching out and showing their support for the WordPress project as well as encouraging fans to learn about code and tech in general. At we look forward to continually building tools and adding features that would help the Artists on our platform. Would love to keep DanceMusicAuthority informed of such progress 🙂 Will keep in touch.

      1. Word, Krutal! Please keep us informed, as you have our full support! We have relied upon WordPress (WP) since 2008 and it has never let us down. Getting under the hood (we’re self-hosted) and learning about code has been a life-enhancing experience that we feel everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy. We’re totally with you in your mission to expose people to code and definitely look forward to staying in touch. Call me loony, Krutal, but I’ve been seeing visions of a “WordPress Music Festival” in my head for some time now… I guess I’m drinking drink too much WP Kool Aid. 🙂 Peace, and continued success!