“The biggest misconception engineers have when thinking about moving into management is they think it’s a promotion.” — Lindsay Holmwood writes It’s not a promotion – it’s a career change. Hat tip: Gary Pendergast.

2 thoughts on “Moving into Management

  1. But where does technical project management sit in this abyss?
    With non-technical managers and engineer-specialists, technical project/product managers are the only ones who focus on the BIG PICTURE that is the big driver of the organisation.

  2. As well as the big picture, I think a great manager should also be able to focus on the little things that just make people smile and at the same time be able to take away the why questions that some people just have. Like as in, why the photos in the WordPress gallery can not link to URLs but standard images can. I’m sure this would make a lot of people happy and not take a lot of time to implement. Managers need to be leaders. You are in a very powerful position but probably don’t realise just how much of an effect you have made on the internet yet. I hope one day we can all add just as much as you have or even more.