4 thoughts on “IMG_2351

  1. Matt, are you using 13″ or 15″ Retina? And what is the name of this laptop stand? Looks like a good travel companion.

  2. Thank’s a lot. (As I’m not the one of the Automatticans I will end up with the one without the logo 😉 )
    As you travel a lot – is the 15″ is a good choice for you? I’m asking because I switch every few weeks between 11″ for the weight/size during travels and 13″ for the comfort of work.

    1. I really loved the 13″ and used it for about two years, but I like the specs bump on the latest 15″ and I’ve been doing more photo processing, more time away from external monitors, so I switched to 15″ as an experiment. Been enjoying it so far, but it’s not a huge perceptible difference.