Email Spell Check

I kind of want spell check for emails I receive, not just ones I send. Also someone needs to make a Ubiquiti server hosting service.

7 replies on “Email Spell Check”

My thoughts on having a spell checker for incoming mail are quite simple:

if you can’t spot the mistake without a spell checker, it’s probably not worth any attention or fuss 🙂

Nah, I say if you can’t spell it, look it up in the dictionary. But otherwise, you do have a good point. What if you don’t have a dictionary near you?

I’m a sucker for correct spelling, but at the same time– who REALLY cares??! I already catch people (myself included) saying “lol” like it’s a word. Language is evolving so fast, I think successful communication is more important than successful spelling– Leave that to the computers to try and sort out haha!

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