First Time Movember

2014-movember Automattic is participating in Movember for the first time this year, and so to join I shaved for the first time in the better part of a decade. (Before and after pictured above.) For those not familiar with it, you shave clean on November first and grow and groom a mostache (no beard, goatee, etc) through the course of the month, and when people comment on how ridiculous you look you encourage them to donate to Movember which is a non-profit which has raised over $500 million and funded over 800 programs in 21 countries. (Wow!)

I doubt I’ll be able to match the ‘stache of some of my more hirsute colleagues, but it’s for a good cause and seems like good fun as well. If you’d consider dropping a few dollars in the hat to support men’s health, here’s the link to the Automattic team page where you can donate to support the entire team, which is currently ranked #163.

12 thoughts on “First Time Movember

  1. I like the beardless look better, Matt. After the Democrats electoral spanking yesterday, I need to shave off every single hair on my body as some African cultures would do when mourning a great loss. But this is for a great cause, so I’m on course.

  2. Looks good Matt,

    Also shaved off about 6 years. Look younger.

    @Bob Dunn,
    My dad did that once, I only ever knew him with a beard, and he picked my up from the train station on my way home from university. Except I didn’t recognize him (at all), I said to him, “hey! are you a friend of my dad’s because this is his car, but I don’t know you”.