Did you know the NFL is a non-profit? Slate says the NFL should lose its tax-exempt status: The league is not a “nonprofit.”.

5 thoughts on “NFL is a Non-Profit

  1. It isn’t true that the NFL is a non-profit. The anti-trust exemption given the NFL (and other sports leagues like the PGA, NHL, & LPGA) enables the 32 individual corporations (teams) to create an umbrella company (e.g. NFL headquarters at 245 Park Ave. NY, NY) to act as “the league” in negotiating broadcast contracts, merchandising, scheduling, rulemaking, etc.
    This is done as a 501(c)(6) non-profit corporation.

    Monies generated are collected by “the league.” The expenses of running “the league” are tax-exempt, Any profits, the $9 billion referred to in the inaccurate Slate article, are then distributed to the teams who must pay lots of taxes.

    The NFL is a very profitable venture. Only the league office is run as a non-profit.

  2. Steve Almond has a fantastic little book ranting about this and all the other crazy reasons we should be “Against Football” (subtitle: One Man’s Reluctant Manifesto).

  3. Not the NFL, the NFL head office, which operates as a trade association of the various teams. The alternative is it just operates as an expense of the teams, which would means just reducing their profit.