I had the great fun the other week of hanging with Tim Ferriss on his podcast, an episode he titled Matt Mullenweg on Polyphasic Sleep, Tequila, and Building Billion-Dollar Companies. His previous guest was Arnold Schwarzenegger (!) and if you dig into the podcast archives there are some really amazing episodes, I’m working my way through them now.

6 thoughts on “On the Tim Ferriss Podcast

  1. Really great episode with you and Tim. Great content and your enthusiasm is contagious. Thank you for nudge in the direction of higher standards.

    Listening to the podcasts makes the drive to work a lot better. Have a great week.

  2. I have listened to most of T Ferris’s podcasts, but your interview Ma.tt was the first that has brought me to the web to pick up the “show notes” which I’ve returned to multiple times since my memory and attention to detail is apparently horrible during traffic-heavy commutes. Great to hear your enthusiasm, optimism, and passion for your work. Try as we did last night in DC, my wife and I could not track down the tequila you two raved about although Cuban restaurants and jazz bars may not have been the wisest places to begin that search…

    I can’t thank you for how old you made me feel listening to you, but I do thank you for sharing so much about your story, your process, and the recommendations on tech and other tools that help drive your productivity. All the best!

  3. Funny thing is that until I “met” you via podcast, when installing a fresh instance of WordPress, I would always immediately delete Jetpack (because I assumed it sucked) and install Akismet (because I know it works). Ha! Been using WordPress for years and never knew a fellow Texan was responsible for the whole shebang.

    It was really interesting to hear the story of WordPress / Automattic. Then hearing you describe your MO and general business philosophy was really inspiring. And you’ve got good taste in music and tequila. Awesome.

    When I finished the podcast I thought, “damn that’s a good Texas dude like me only younger and without cussing.” I should send him some of my homegrown music to loop for ultimate productivity and maybe you lay down some killer sax.