The Pun-Off, held annually since 1978, matches the peculiar energy of a place where the unofficial slogan is “Keep Austin Weird.” This is the city, after all, that organizes Eeyore’s Birthday Party, an outdoor costume party honoring the depressed donkey from Winnie-the-Pooh. […]

It’s a reunion of legends past. Steve Brooks, a country singer with a mop of gray hair, is the only other person besides Ziek to have won both Punslingers and Punniest of Show in the same year. Retired from competition, he now serves as a judge and emcee.

Everything about this article about the World Pun Championships in Austin is amazing, I want to quote the entire thing.

3 thoughts on “World Pun Championships

  1. I have a friend that once entered a pun contest. He really wanted to win, so when he found out you could enter more than one pun, he got really excited! So, my friend entered 10 puns, hoping that at least one of them would win him the title. Sadly, no pun in ten did.