100 Books

You can’t go wrong with Amazon’s 100 Books To Read In A Lifetime. I’ve only read a bit over a dozen of them, and some of those in school when I probably didn’t appreciate them. I’ve never had a time in my life when I thought, “You know, I’m reading too much.” It’s a weekend — read!

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I like Economic Times’ (India) “30 Books to Read Before 30” a lot more powerful because it is more focused on philosophy than literature. I am running out of time.

PS:- I wish I could just drop a picture in the comment and it would be turned up as a link and a thumbnail or at least that Imgur link as a thumbnail.

17 to date.
Most listed are fiction.
Amazon fails to list the two thousand or so non-fiction books read that were worth time. (Most if not all are for sale on their site.)
Knowledge transfer is the prime reason books exist; good entertainment is more suited to other forms of expression.

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