Read through this amazing horror story constructed of actual sentences (with links) from reviews of the Apple Watch. (Hat tip: Laughing Squid.) As for me? I tried on the Watch yesterday and was very impressed, I’ll be getting one as soon as I can once they’re available. I would have picked up one of the new Macbooks as well if it was available, but the stores had them on display but none in stock.

7 thoughts on “Apple Watch Horror Story

    1. Feels a lot better than any Android Wear devices I’ve used so far, though there isn’t an equivalent of Google Now yet. Won’t know for sure until I get one though, because in the demo mode you can’t really get a sense for how it’ll weave into your actual life.

      1. I played with one in an Apple store a few days ago and was totally hooked on the size, the new keyboard, and the new trackpad. I was surprised to see that Apple put Motion on the demo machine; I thought it might be too slow for that, but Apple must think it’s capable enough to demo a motion graphics app.