The ability of radiation to cause cancer is dependent on whether or not the radiation is able to alter chemical bonds. This occurs when electrons involved in bonding in a molecule absorb radiation with enough energy to allow them to escape – this is called ionization. The thing is, whether or not radiation is ionizing is based solely on its energy, not on its number, and as we saw above, its energy is determined entirely from its frequency.

Cool article on about Why Cell Phones Can’t Cause Cancer, But Bananas Can, which I read while eating (and finishing) a banana. It covers dielectric heating too.

3 thoughts on “Cell Phones & Cancer

  1. Er well you’re a coder and not a physicist so you can be excused some errors. You do have the quantization effect understood but you’ve skipped your RF classes. Microwaves would have used the band used by 800MHz cell phones except it was taken. It in fact was the best band for heating via jiggling the water content of said item.

    So you can understand why an old RF whore of a friend of mine said “if you plan on talking on your cell phone for long periods you should use a headset”

    Probably true. I do by the way.