But one day, the company could “open source” the code that underpins the OS—giving it away for free. So says Mark Russinovich, one of the company’s top engineers.

“It’s definitely possible,” Russinovich says. “It’s a new Microsoft.”

From Wired’s An Open Source Windows Is ‘Definitely Possible’. In 2007 I predicted Windows will be Open Source by 2017, we’ll see if I end up being right on that one.

8 thoughts on “Open Source Windows

  1. We know, that China, or perhaps other countries too, want access to the code, to be able prevent back doors, etc. So that would be a good move to ensure access to important markets. So most likely the move would be a calculated business decision and not a community outreach…

  2. Microsoft already releases its source codes to foreign governments, even before their newest OSes make it to market. Still waiting for the source codes to old Windows XP, but I guess we will still be waiting???

    – Jim

  3. It is hard to believe. It would be a good news, of course! But, possible or not, don’t worry: free software and open source community seem live very well without Microsoft support (or even with Microsoft against).

  4. Wow, I just saw your first post in 2007 when you predicted this would happen, lol, EVERYONE doubted you, but now your prediction is actually coming true!! How did you predict that this will happen? Your prediction of when it will happen was so good too, because windows 10 is in fact coming out this year and its free!! Only 2 years earlier than your prediction!! lol