We’ve lost two incredible souls this week: first Dan Fredinburg in Nepal and now Dave Goldberg has unexpectedly passed. I encourage you to Google articles about their lives, like this one about Dave Goldberg or this on Dan, because both were unique and incredible individuals. In an example of how software can have unintended effect on emotions, I just realized I had a pending friend request on Facebook from Dan, probably years old. 🙁 Going through a lot of emotions, but a good reminder that life can be fleeting and to make time for friends and those who you love, something both of these men were great at. May they both rest in peace.

5 thoughts on “RIP Dan, RIP Dave

  1. It’s always sad losing the people you care about, it can feel like you’re in a dark place, but in those times we must remember the light they brought through life with them, and how they shared that with those around them.

    My thoughts are with the friends and family. May their great lives continue to bring happiness in the days, weeks, months, and years to come for those whom they surrounded themselves with.

  2. Our thoughts are with their family. So sad that words escape me, so I will leave it as that. The only conciliation is knowing the great company that awaits us in the after life. This is not goodbye, just farewell.

  3. Hmmm, my heart goes out to their family and friends. No doubt their impact will be felt and missed by all.
    Sometimes, we never realise how much we love and value a person till that person is gone. 🙁

  4. So sad. Both losses. I just read Sheryl Sandberg’s book in which she praised him so much for being such a great husband and father. I can’t believe this happened to her. So hard for kids. Sorry for your double loss!